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Country Field Duration Hours Description
Italy Hospitality 1-3 months 20-60 A luxury hotel is offering cases on challenges caused by groups of young travelers accompanied by teachers/parents. The purpose is to understand how to reduce the issues for logistics, acoustics and operations caused by this kind of guests.
EMA region



1-3 months 20-60 A 4-star hotel with nearly 200 rooms would like students to design a mixed digital and print marketing campaign. They have a dual target: on the one hand, high-end tourists who love sports and culture and, on the other hand, businessmen looking for accommodation that offers not only bed and breakfast but also wellness services.
Italy Design 1-3 months 20-60 A high-end bathroom furniture manufacturer requires a study on such products' trends in developing markets for Made-in-Italy tailor-made products. Students must carry out a graphic study based on bathroom furniture seen in showrooms, magazines and websites, explaining what the trends are, according to them.
Italy Automotive 1-3 months 20-60 A steel and iron manufacturer is interested in a study on the steel components present in next generation's cars basing on prototypes, statements and official documents released by the main car maker. They would also like to know the kind of steel and the amount they may use.
EMA region Hospitality 1-3 months 20-60 A luxury hotel and restaurant would like a study whose purpose is to increase the customers' satisfaction. The students must produce short video tutorials in English on some special features and specific needs of tourists from Arab countries, India and/or Latin America (pick one). It should include training on how to improve breakfasts and include two or three local dishes in their international menu.



1-3 months 20-60 A hotel chain wants a research on future technologies which will impact on Hospitality and Catering.
Italy Media 1-3 months 20-60 A widespread online magazine has a project on data collection and management.
Italy Marketing 1-3 months 20-60 Marketing plan for an Italian manufacture of luxury furniture.
Italy Automotive 1-3 months 20-60 This project includes two parts: - a demonstration of how the solar energy can be converted and stored in batteries and then how it can be used to run the vehicle, - the design of a solid and affordable tubular frame which can carry the vehicle. The student shall include lots of calculations on how much energy can be stored, how fast the energy can be stored, how maximum efficiency can be achieved, how stable the tubular frame is, how much stress it can hold etc.

Country Field Duration Hours Description
Italy (Spain soon, too) Bioscience 1-3 months 20-60 Study on nutrition and lifestyle of athletes in your country.
Italy Architecture 3 months 60 Projecting a parking area for a brand-new private clinic.
Italy Design 1-3 months 20-60 Projecting a modular meeting roomf or a luxury hotel.
UK Technology 3 months 60 Projecting an affordable mobile fab lab for an education provider.
EMA region Business 1-3 months 20-60 Business plan of the branch campus of an Arab university.
Spain Marketing 3 months 60 Marketing plan for a FC Barcelona startup specialized in sport events for high-end customers.
Spain Marketing 3 months 60 Marketing plan for a regional sport federation.


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